At (Om Agency) we have built relationships with our customers on a foundation of trust. The limited personal details that we store and process are for our exclusive use so we can contact you when we need to. We are not in the business of buying or selling your data and have never participated in any such transaction – the only information we hold about you is what you’ve disclosed to us.



If you arrange to purchase a computer or repair service from us we will ask for

Your name.

Your preferred contact telephone number.

A backup telephone number.

Your address.

Your email address.

We request this information so we are able to contact you about the things you’ve bought and keep you up to date on the status of your repair. It’s not a common practice of ours, but we may also use this information to contact you about other products and services that may be of interest to you. If you’d prefer not to disclose any of the above information to us then that’s absolutely fine and we won’t use it.

If you’re purchasing a new system from us we’ll also record the date of sale and the device’s serial number so we can check the warranty status.

We’re often asked to set up personal accounts such as email for our customers. If you provide us with any further details in addition to those listed above, we’ll store them along with a record of the work we’ve completed in case they need to be referred back to later. If we’re recovering data from a failed or failing device we may store this temporarily on one of our own systems until it can safely be copied onto another device and returned to you.


We offer guest Wi-Fi in our retail stores. We don’t collect any data about how this service is used, nor do we make any guarantees about its quality or security.


If you make contact with us via our website, either to ask a question or pre-book a repair appointment, we will keep a record of

Your name.

Your email address.

We ask for this information so we can follow up on your query. If you provide any other personal details as part of your message then these are also stored.

We don’t normally send marketing messages by email, but we’ll always give you the opportunity to opt out of any such activity when you submit your query.

If you want to buy something direct from our website we ask you to create an account where we record

Your name.

Your email address.

Your chosen billing address.

Your telephone number.

Your date of birth.

Your chosen username and password.

If you proceed to complete a purchase with us we will also record